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Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day And Their Meanings

Valentine is coming, then what kind of flowers you should buy for your sweetheart? We reveal the secret flower meanings and everything you need to do is chose the right one.It was symbolism behind most things in life. If you give someone a ring, it means commitment. If you give them a heart, it symbolizes love. Feeling blue is different to be tickled pink. Similarly, flowers and their colors traditionally of the different meanings when given as a gift.

Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day And Their Meanings
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In the Victorian era, where men and women could not always express their feelings in public, flowers, notes and tissue signals often expressed much more. People were much more aware of the symbolism of flowers, so that today ‘ hui other than the meaning of the color and the idea to match the flowers with the season (like tulips in spring) has more or less disappeared in American and British culture.

To see the meaning of flowers, I chose – save colors – to go with what the society of American Florists has discovered research in the ancient meanings. Among other sources, they used the fictional book the language of flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, which has set up its own dictionary after looking up dictionaries of flower of back in the day.

I also had a look to flower to the Expert, where I found a hilarious explanation of the symbolism of a rose garden. Apparently, it means, “I am of March.” I wonder if they read through what they wrote that it could be a spelling error? And then, if you are a foreigner, it makes perfect sense that a rose garden from the gardens of Earth would just March, isn’t?

So, let’s take a look at secret flower meanings and what they symbolize.

Roses and Their Colors

Roses are often associated with love, but they symbolize different things according to their color. Even today, people are aware of roses of different colors have different meanings – well Yes, in fact, personally, I thought the different colors applied to all flowers. However, study, these colors don’t necessarily mean the same thing when the flowers are different.

  •    Pink shows admiration and/or appreciation
  •    Yellow shows friendship
  •    White shows innocence and purity
  •    Red shows deep/passionate love
  •    Red and white shows unity
  •    Orange shows passion and energy
Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day And Their Meanings
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Tulips and Their Color

Personally, I consider tulips with Spring Flower number one and associate them to Easter and the Renaissance: the dawn of life. As it turns out however, tulips also have their own symbolism woven into their colouring.

  •    Pink stand for caring
  •    Purple stand for royalty
  •    Red stand for declaration of love
  •    White stand for forgiveness
  •    Yellow stand for hopelessly in love
Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day And Their Meanings
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Faithfulness Can be Represented in Flowers:

Want to tell someone that you are faithful and unwavering? Then, you’ll want to combine violets with glycine: Violets mean fidelity and glycine are unshakable. Ivy culminates also for fidelity, you might add that too.

Zinnia represents thoughts of friends, while yarrow means good health. Combine the two and you have the bouquet perfect for someone recovering from an illness or surgery. Peony is another flower associated with healing.

Therefore, you will want to include a small poem or nursery rhyme, on different flowers, a flower dictionary or a link to a dictionary. Alternatively, you can send other clues throughout the space of a week, as the other symbols, notes and riddles.Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day And Their Meanings

If you want to be that sure that someone understands the meaning of your flowers chosen without the use of additional clues, hold in roses. Most people associate red roses love, yellow with friendship and white with innocence, purity and peace.

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