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Fashionable Belts for Fall Winter 2015 for Women

Renew the wardrobe is a hard work that not all can afford. When a new party comes close, and you have nothing to wear, is interesting to try yourself as a designer and experiment with your own outfits. In order to diversify the boring office suit or a monochromatic dress, simply use only trendy accessories. A scarf, a hat and gloves at all times, will help you to transform an ordinary look into something really special and a dress “old-fashioned” in a true masterpiece of artwork.

Fashionable Belts for Fall Winter 2015 for Women
best belts for fall winter 2015 for women

For several consecutive seasons, belts occupy a leading position in the list of the necessary accessories and it seems that they will not go back. It is not serious if it is summer or winter; belts are a stylish wardrobe who travel with us to the seasons. Belt fits well with chiffon dresses and a coarse mesh cardigan. Thanks to its versatility and its ability to “Fit” under each eye, the belts are always in demand, what makes designers to pay special attention to this accessory on their watch.

Belts are accessories universal difficult name outdated, although not all models are in fashion. In order to better know what colors, thickness and width belts are fashionable to wear in the season autumn-winter 2014-2015, we invite you to take a look at our review.

So, let’s start with the most popular width of the belt. In fall 2014, as the last few seasons of trend are narrow, ideally combined belts with pants, costumes and graceful dresses.

Skinny Belts

Skinny belts have been seen on the runways at Fashion Week on top of everything you could imagine. Use a thin belt to cinch a flow, cool shirt, adjusted blazer or dress sexy. Skinny patent leather belts are especially popular in fresh spring colors. This belt of lean of line another patent is very affordable at only $28 at Nordstrom.

Braided Leather Belts

A braided or woven belt will add some texture to your look. For the fall and winter, choose shades of Brown from beige to chocolate. For spring and summer, choose bright, even white or cream colors. Woven belts may be worn with everything from jeans to dresses.

Double wraps Belt

Layer on a few skinny belts or buy a double belt wraps. These belts wrap twice around your waist. Search for varnished or metallic leather belts to add some pizazz to look you. You can wear a double belt wrap with a body hugging dress or over your favorite.

Exotic Belts

Belts made with exotic skins are very trends this season. They add a bit of texture and high style of range to your look. But you do not need to make Follies for the real thing – choose rather snake and other relief prints. Belts that are adorned with beads and jewelry are also very popular this spring. You can wear these belts on a solid color dress or a tunic to provide some additional glamor.

Chain Belts

You can sling a string low belt on your hips to add a new dimension to your outfit. It’s a great look for women who are short-waisted like the belt is going to create the appearance of a size more low and elongated torso.

Colorful Patchwork Belts

The colored squares of fabric create a belt of very unique research. These types of belts come in Suede, leather, vinyl, and other tissues. A patchwork belt is fabulous when worn with a black outfit all.

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