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Artist Turns into an Annoying Passenger Plane and Takes Funny Pictures

Without trolls, the world would be a boring place. Love them or hate them, with their sense of humor, you can’t deny that trolls know how to maintain stuff interesting. And when we’re talking about trolls, nobody is beating Michael James Schneider who’s a pro in trolling terrible passengers from the aircraft.

Do you have arachnophobia? That’s the spiders ‘ fear. How about ophidiophobia or snakes fear? It is not unusual to be afraid of a specific animal, particularly snakes and spiders. Many distinct animals make individuals uneasy or rather highly frightened. Even pets that most of us may not think are frightening can cause a lot of shiver to some individuals

James mocks each of them by adding a bit of hilarious twist to his pictures, from individuals who put their smelly feet on fellow passenger armrests to those who use the bathroom for too long. Scroll on to see our curated list of his collection’s most enjoyable pictures and appreciate peeps!

The only way to get some real sleep on a flight

Panda Express

Welcome to the Panda Express … not the Chinese buffet, the world’s only airline to fly first-class cuddly, fluffy panda bears! We have a hunch that this teddy bear, living, breathing, eating bamboo, is heading for something unique

Penguin Passengers

Who requires to visit an aquarium or zoo if on your own flight you can see some free wildlife! It’s certainly a nice surprise for both us and the passengers to see this tiny and highly cute couple of penguins waddling joyfully down the aircraft’s aisles – and yes, think it or not, they’re genuine.

Hide and seek pro

High anxiety

Alien Encounters

This pillow is one of the most comfortable travel pillows ever produced, despite its insane appearance (the business knows it looks super goofy and even talks about that reality). It’s breathable, smooth, blocks noise, and leaves no light at all. So while we’re laughing here, he likely gets his life’s greatest sleep

So that’s what he’s doing in there


Uh, we’re not precisely sure how this whole “flying an airplane” works, but it’s quite prevalent for pilots to take a snack in the middle of the flight

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