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American Movies Has Become a Meme and the Pics Are Hilarious

The media’s practice of depicting stuff through their own lens is uncomfortable, right? Here I very readily use the term “unique,” because this lens is generally either borderline or odd. American Films’ new Mexicans are a definite mix of the two.

People began to notice a clear trend in the way American films represent Mexico, or at least the place that should be Mexico.

But I won’t destroy it by telling you what looks like a recurring theme. So, without further ado, check out this list of the most popular memes in which everyone on the Internet was in fits of laughter because they are so accurate!

So what started as an innocent meme has now become a means for fanatics to crawl out of their fanatical pits, sharing their fanatical comments. Ugh.

That is why we cannot have good things.

But, as with everything good, the bad always follows.

Some internet users have used this as an opportunity to make racist comments on Mexicans, laughing at meaningless stereotypes, and let’s be real, we really are not here for that.

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