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Amazing Stylish And Fancy Mehndi Designs Collection 2016

In each kind of event of Asian countries like Pakistan and India, Mehndi has taken a central pivotal place. Henna designs and patterns are always desired by old and young girls for the beautiful and sweet events,

Amazing Stylish And Fancy Mehndi Designs Collection 2016
latest and beautiful henna designs trend 2016 for women for hands and feet

whether it is the sweet celebrations of Eid, or the yellow splashes of mehndi functions. The trend of mehndi has become very prevalent and now it has diverse in many forms. The trend of mehndi designs has now spread in many countries specially in the eastern parts of the world.

Though we have already discussed many mehndi designs like Rajastani mehndi designs, Turkish Mehndi designs or Arabic mehndi designs but in this article we are going to share with you some new fancy and stylish henna designs and patterns. Here we are going to highlight some vibrant, fancy and beautiful mehndi designs and they have been discussed here in detail. So for the upcoming wedding celebrations or for Eid event, if you are in search to select some latest and unique mehndi designs, then don’t wory as we are here today to solve your problem by sharing these fancy designs.All these mehndi designs are appealing and attractive as they have been adorned with colorful hues and fine shadings. Just the  use of glitters and shimmers  not make the henna designs fancy but its use describes all the loaded and heavy mehndi designs.

Beautiful Trend of Stylish Mehndi Designs Collection 2016:

The colorful fancy mehndi designs are very attractive and appealing. In this regard there are two growing trends: one the use of colorful mehndi like pink, gold brown,lime green and even the white to apply the entire designs, while the other is the use of dry patches hues in the henna patterns. They not only highlight an amazing prominent contrast but also look tempting. The most common hues which have been used for these fancy mehndi designs are crimson red, dark green, etc as they can last for hours, so for any event there is a convenience to apply them.

The next one henna designs are glitzy glitter sparkling heavy mehndi patterns. This type of mehndi designs have a large variety of patterns combined with the use of Tikki in the center of the palm and use of peacock patterns and floral patterns around it. When these designs are applied to the greater length of your feet or hand, they look best and amazing. These designs are covered using network patterns or heavily shaded, covering through palms and wrists extending to the tips of the fingers. Though the use of heavy fillings of henna inside the patterns is very popular but the dark or bold lining of patterns filled with interior designs are mostly applied.

These days the use of shimmer and beads is also getting popular. So it is very essential for you to have a perfect fancy henna design in your mind when you are going to attend any special event or function with a latest fancy henna design. That’s why we are going to share with you the images of these fancy mehndi designs so that you may select one of them for you to attend any function o party.

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