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Amazing Shadows that Led to Amazing Photos

shit, a hint of drama, emotion, deception, interest, or mystery, do you know what we’re talking about? Yes! You guessed it, shadows, of course! You probably don’t think too much about them when shooting, but the shadows can make the scene more dramatic if you know how to use them. Shadows can also help pay attention to a specific point in the composition. Light and shadow go hand in hand. Most photographers focus only on light to take photos, and they come up with really cool shots. it’s look so amazing so you can try

However, if they also used shadows in their photography, they could do an even better job of taking creative photographs.

This post lists amazing shadows that led to amazing photos. Some of these photographs focus on shadows as a separate subject; others, combined with objects, deceive, showing illusions that have nothing to do with reality.

Really fascinating

Wonderful shadows that made individuals twice look

Wonderful shadows

Surprising Shadows

Windows at my apartment’s door create a smiley face in the sun.

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