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Alexander Wang Latest Fall 2015 Campaign

Alexander Wang continued his deep diving in punk-metal-style Goth fashion. As revealed in Fashionista, 2015 campaign, dark, sharp and studded is Alexander Wang’s fall. Chic, pieces demand attention, compensation of the line between costume and night owl.

Alexander Wang Latest Fall 2015 Campaign
Alexander Wang’s Fall 2015 Ads Go to the Dark Side

Wang gave us a preview on his interest in edgy metal Goth beginning February this year at Alexander Wang sees fall runway show. Runway runway featured cranky-faced models with oil spray down hair hit the start and runway to dark techno music in studded platforms. Can you say fierce?

The autumn campaign takes this stance even further. Models posed outside a deserted concrete and brick room, Chin cocked, looked like the kind of girls that you don’t really want to piss off. Full disclosure, I remember the pictures some T-swift bad blood video. Are groups of badass, chic-looking girls the latest version of #BodyPositive?

In the campaign images the models wear studded collar, along with tops, lace-up platforms, and just above chainmail mesh. It is the kind of clothes, if you’re going to wear, you just need to commit and own it. When Kylie Jenner and Lorde’s fondness for Goth, maybe we can start the two celebs rocking to expect pieces from the line?

Can it carry not just his Office, but you’ve got to hand’s Wang for the route between Couture and goth gang walking chic so effortlessly.

Wang thinks that is the campaign of the last statement of his collection. Images in the Lookbook and other images to see the pieces have the campaign does he want to indicate what was in his head, his message. As Wang of elected to do this occupation quite thoroughly to act. He like loyalty, but he is also looking for new sources of inspiration. So we can make predictions, that women, the he always gets inspired, be included in the cast. But he was also inspiration in new faces, such as Isabella, that would be the perfect extension for the collection in the display. The casting to make his invited more eclectic Wang’s most revered Alice Glass and AyaBambi.

By the way, he met the dance duo on Madonna’s Party in Paris, where, as he confessed, he in love in love with her. The weird thing is that Wang chooses his muse not only by their appearance, but also by their attitude. “The attitude is very important; It weighs over probably the girl look for me. Especially for this collection, but the unconventional appearance, crucial celebrates the attitude is, “the designer says. This announcement is a perfect opportunity for so many girls to worship that Wang’s art. Wang is amazed by the fact that all the girls are individually very bright, but they are a representative of the entire group for the collection. His goal was to combine the spirit of the individual and the sense of collectivity. Kinda scary and yet charming display Clip with the Group of strong, alien-like awakened zombie beauties see, we say that he nailed it!

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