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70’s Fashion Trend Is Coming Back

We have seen a major change in fashion. The 1990s have shown that they are back and better that ever with the return of the chokers, crop tops and shoes flat form.

70’s Fashion Trend Is Coming Back
latest trend of 70’s fashion which is coming back

Not to be outdone, the 1970s are constantly push through the decades and reappear on the track and in our favorite stores.The 1970s were filled with hippies happy trekking through Woodstock and Luke Skywalker goes head-to-head with his father, but we are more attracted to fashion that was the decade that was.

Whether it’s swollen bell sleeves perfect for a windy day, psychedelic paisley prints for the mellow fellows or suede for wily foxes, the styles are back; Here is what we are Jersey in our closets.

Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves were the accoutrement of choice for lovers of vintage with roots of Woodstock. Sitting in the Sun, listening to ‘Hotel California’ or flocking in a field of Daisies had nothing without a high Bell-sleeved or the opportunity to dress.

Commonly seen today in our favorite stores, these Bell sleeves come to life in playsuits or blouses, perfect for the versatility of everyday life.

70’s Fashion Trend Is Coming Back
latest trend of 70’s fashion which is coming back bell sleeves

To add something sophisticated to what would normally be a naughty costume, pair your sleeves Bell with sharp tipped pumps Combi, a clutch smooth and earrings pearls. When the hope of a sports top, pair it with slim – fit trousers to avoid looking extra large.


Of all the trends of the 1970s that we fell love, it seems that this fringe has always occupied a place in the hearts of everyone. The model most popular this decade, fringe has been around for years.

The retro rightly have always found ways to incorporate this style in their wardrobe, whether the hem of the fringe vest, a detail of fringes along a handbag or design emphasis on their favorite pair of boots.

70’s Fashion Trend Is Coming Back
latest trend of 70’s fashion which is coming back fringe fashion

In a look perfect for the cold winter nights, a jacket fringe as well as your pair favorite simple denim, white t-shirt shorts and sandals strips.

Paisley print

If you are looking for a trend that is outta sight, printed paisley is the way to go. Although this trend is beautiful when done well, be aware that it can quickly take a turn for the worse.

Paisley prints consist of unique and dynamic – designs so much that it is almost impossible to find the same two prints with the same set of colors. All this “distinction” can become a fashion misstep if you’re not careful.

70’s Fashion Trend Is Coming Back
latest trend of 70’s fashion which is coming back Paisley print

When you are looking to dabble with this style, remember that less is more. Door high paisley print best suited to solid color background, but opt for a dress that includes a paisley color-blocked design.

If you’re hoping to be fierce and BOLD, get your hands on a co – ord set with matching printed paisley, and you will certainly be far away.


Suede is mild, and Sweden is sexy. Among the most essential looks of the Decade, suede might make you too cool for school.

Hoping to be as cool as Fonzie, you might find your hands reaching towards a suede jacket, but in the warmer months, keep warm with a mini skirt suede.

70’s Fashion Trend Is Coming Back
latest trend of 70’s fashion which is coming back suede fashion

If you feel a little bold and ready to crossover between the two decades, opt for a buckskin dress and pair it with neck. If you are not ready for Saturday Night Fever yet, keep it modest with a purse of Sweden elegant but simple.

At a glance look we love, perfect for a relaxed day, pair, a skirt in brown suede with a top of harvest and sneakers for you keep going long after the sunset.

Wide Leg Pants

With some of their styles, the 1970s clearly had a rocket for the spectacular, and it was certainly reflected in their Bell sleeves and even their funds bell or wide leg pants.

We have seen this trend flare denim casual pants to work, and although the end of the decade brought Bell exchanges for leggings, this trend looks like it is here to stay.

70’s Fashion Trend Is Coming Back
latest trend of 70’s fashion which is coming back wide legs pants trend

Wide leg pants can quickly overwhelm the body if you’re petite, but a great way to combine it is with a cropped top or form curved to emphasize the small size and create an hourglass effect. Keep it monochromatic trying white trousers with a sexy, deep v of cultures pumps high and naked.

Fashion is cyclical and we are recycling trends more that they recycle plastic bottles. The 90s is back with a vengeance, and we see quickly that the re-emergence of our favorite mode of the 1970s.

It is only a matter of time before we will abandon our suede for members only jackets, but by then, these trends, as they will never wear fashionable!

What decade do you think is the best fashion? Are hanging out you in your sleeves Bell, getting physical in your neon colours Combi or dance of Backstreet Boys in your crop top and baggy pants?

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