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32 Hilarious examples of Photoshop going awfully wrong

Photoshop is pretty powerful software for processing images and photos. However, it can also be misused, especially when in the hands of jesters.

We’ve put together some of the funniest examples of Photoshop failures that went so far as absurdity. From strangely distorted family photos that look like zombies, to Thomas Hayden, who loses his legs on the cover photo of Don Mackay, these fun Photoshop failures will force you to make concessions.

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Let us know in the comments section if you have ever applied such a fun method to any photos while using Adobe Photoshop.

It’s not a huge secret that Photoshop has changed a significant amount of the pictures we see in magazines and the internet. Likewise, editing their Instagram pictures is now prevalent for your average person to get the ideal image, but we’re not here to celebrate the winners. Thirty hilariously poor Photoshop fails to enjoy a nice laugh:

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